Wednesday, August 31, 2005

school's back!

So I'm dropping off my kid to school and as he's crossing the street some cellphone driving mom in a minivan almost swipes my kid! Easily 300 lbs. I mean it, she couldn't even get out of her "mom bus" to fight me - after brushing the powdered sugar from of her Hilfinger knock off. Remember, it's a school zone no less! Obviously her precious cargo was much more important than mine and had to make it to school that much earlier. "I'm trying to hurry, but there's so many kids in the way", she yapped into the ear of oh, I don't know, her AA sponsor? Of course had she hit my son neither kid would've made it to school. And I would have ruined her MAC face.
Here's an idea. How 'bout you don't stop at Mickey D's to stuff your face and maybe get your kid to school on time? Get off the freakin phone and realize there are other people out in the world!

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