Sunday, September 11, 2005

Just when I thought I was out.....

This has been a busy week for me. Hence the reason for no posts. My son Layne is back in school, there was a big open house and pta membership drive and oh yeah, I went back to working with the naked chicks.
As with anything with life when it's time to move on you try to go. So here I was living just like the suburban mom I am, when my past comes by and says, just one more time Carole.
After 8 years of working in topless Vegas shows, you get immune to what you are actually doing. We're selling sex of the visual kind.
Plus, my son was a baby back then, he's a teenager now. Meeting the girls backstage has a "bigger" meaning than it did let's say a year ago.
When he first met the dancers he was four. I brought him backstage (yes they were covered) and they just fawned over him. When we left he said beaming "Mommy I really like those girls!"
Now he's thirteen and he doesn't want those breasts for the milk anymore.
If only the audience knew that after making them laugh about fucking and jerking off I was up at 6 AM spreading.........
pb&j on bread for my son's lunch.
Ya gotta love Vegas!

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kellie said...


You may make thme laugh about jerking off etc. but your one hell of a mom too.