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Saturday, January 30, 2010

I'm sitting in the Sheraton Hartford as I wait for night to fall so I can do my comedy thing. This morning I had breakfast in the restaurant with about 30 college hockey players. All young, all robust and all hungry. Seriously there was NOTHING left in the buffet. When the waitress went to refill the yogurts I had to push my way in just to get to the blueberry one. And I looked at these loud, laughing, young men. Tomorrow I go to Kuwait, then Iraq where I will meet young men and women roughly the same age as the hockey players. Do they still have that twinkle in their eyes that comes from just being well 20 years old? If not I hope that us comics being there gives them some kind of joy.
As Americans we have so much that we take for granted. Shelter, food, plumbing, FREEDOM.
And so the adventure begins.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Welcome to National Mom

Awhile back I was ranting about how politicians just keep arguing. They never want to solve anything, each side just WANTS TO BE RIGHT. And I realized both sides need to be put in TIME OUT. They are acting like children and should be treated as such, hence why we need a NATIONAL MOM.
I leave for Kuwait and Iraq on Sunday January 31. I am hoping to be able to blog about my trip while there. To be around our troops who are only a few years older than my own son will be enlightening to say the least. I'm sure they miss their moms, I'm hoping I can make them smile. I want to hear what THEY think. No one ever asks the people doing the grunt work their opinion.
I am going over with some of my closest comedy friends. Leighann Lord, Mark Riccadonna, Stephen Kruiser and Felicia Michaels.
Wish me luck