Monday, January 25, 2010

Welcome to National Mom

Awhile back I was ranting about how politicians just keep arguing. They never want to solve anything, each side just WANTS TO BE RIGHT. And I realized both sides need to be put in TIME OUT. They are acting like children and should be treated as such, hence why we need a NATIONAL MOM.
I leave for Kuwait and Iraq on Sunday January 31. I am hoping to be able to blog about my trip while there. To be around our troops who are only a few years older than my own son will be enlightening to say the least. I'm sure they miss their moms, I'm hoping I can make them smile. I want to hear what THEY think. No one ever asks the people doing the grunt work their opinion.
I am going over with some of my closest comedy friends. Leighann Lord, Mark Riccadonna, Stephen Kruiser and Felicia Michaels.
Wish me luck

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