Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Seventeen years ago on February 17

I gave birth to a baby boy. To this day I cannot tell you how blindsided I was by the emotion I was feeling. I never knew the depth of love until my son. That said, he is 17 , 6'3" with an serious girlfriend. And yes, I'm fine. Every birthday I take photos out of him as a baby/toddler/boy and he rolls his eyes. And I fawn over them like precious pieces of gold. It's really not that he is getting older, it's more like HOW IS IT POSSIBLE THAT I AM OLD ENOUGH TO HAVE A 17 YEAR OLD KID?
It was just yesterday that I was in high school myself (not that I can remember ANY of it).
So to one more year of Layne. For me, a few more wrinkles & alot of sagging butt. But pure joy when I see what a fine human being I created.

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