Monday, February 16, 2009

Welcome to the Real World

This past year I was consumed by the campaign of Barack Obama. I so wanted him to win the election I would start the day off on checking the polls and electoral college map. By the time the election was over I could've told you how many votes each state had and how many ways he could've won. I am NOT a political strategist nor a historian. I am a mother of a teenage boy.  My gut told me this man was one of the good ones, flawed yes, but a human being. 
As I watch every news show and their pundits berate or flatter our President, I have come to realize there is no voice for us, the parents of the kids whose futures will be decided by these know it alls. That's what this blog is, a voice to the people who try to make it every day on sheer will. Be it going to a job that they hate or stretching their paycheck for another days worth of spaghettio's.
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