Sunday, December 11, 2005

The King of Comedy

I was just starting out as a comic when my friend Jonathon Solomon and I went to see Richard Pryor's first concert film in Times Square NYC. We were the only white and jewish people there. But no matter. This man had the entire theatre laughing so hard that we were all one. That's how good he really was.
Years later I am on the stage of the Comedy Store in LA. A massive man approaches me and tells me that Mr. Pryor would like to speak to me and he brings me over to him and Mitzi Shore, who owns the club. He was very weak so I lean into him and he says to me "You're very funny". I was speechless. This man is my idol and he just said WHAT?
All my years as a "dirty" comic I always tried to keep it funny while saying it as nasty and truthful as possible. It is my homage to Richard.
Rest in Peace
and keep 'em laughing wherever you are.

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kellie said...

Why don't you tell me these good stories while were waiting for the boys to emerge from school.