Sunday, May 02, 2010

Haiti and the Cheerleaders

So I get a request for comedians for a quick 3 day trip to Haiti to perform for the guys and gals who've been done there since the earthquake in January. I grab my trusty partner in comedy crime Leighann Lord and off we go. Since there was no US military presence before the earthquake all of the bases are makeshift. Kinda made me pine for the accomodations in Baghdad. After a slight mishap finding our ride (let's just put it this way, Haitians say NO alot if they don't understand you), we were off to get settled in. The ride from the airport to the base took no time, hell we could've walked it if I knew where I was going. We get to our tents (thankfully airconditioned) to settle in. The weather in Haiti is unrelenting hot with humidity. Later in the day we walked to the DFAC to get something to eat and as we walked back I noticed 3 women by our tent. All in beautiful black suits, high heels and sunglasses. Ahh the cheerleaders have arrived. They were PERFECTLY COIFFED, made up to the hilt and were gorgeous. I was in cargo pants, hair in a scrunchy with sweat pouring down my face. Proof that although I was a cheerleader in high school, it was good I went on a different path.
Let me say I am NOT a girly girl (if you didn't realize it from mention of the cargo pants) and I had raised a son. So rooming with these girls was like having 3 daughters for a few days. What I got from them was this, you CAN look amazing amongst the worst conditions. Especially if you bring hair products, LOTS of them. Even when we were flying in a blackhawk, these girls looked flawless. I don't know HOW they did it but I have a feeling it's a closely guarded secret there in Miami. Someday I'd like to try being a girl for a few hours but I'm not getting rid of the cargo pants.

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