Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Oh British Petroleum...shame on you

As National Mom, one of the most frustrating things is watching people running away from their responsibilities. When as a nation did it become okay to do something bad and get away with it? Oh yeah, thanks OJ Simpson. Yes there are other examples on both sides of the political fence but I choose NOT to go there. If we as a species don't start manning up and admit to our mistakes, well then you in BIG TROUBLE LUCY.
The problem with BP is they know how much shit they are in and yet they think it's okay to get their lawyers to try to get people to sign papers absolving their company from any damages. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? REALLY? Your screw up has lost people their livelihood, not counting the thousands of living species you destroyed. But yet it comes down to saving your own skin and most importantly money. It's like when you see a kid break something and when you call him on it he looks innocently at you and says "I didn't do it"
When I lived in Las Vegas, every morning my neighbor would revve his muscle car at 6 AM just to show how big his dick was. Finally we explained to him, that people around him were sleeping and it wasn't the neighborly thing. You know what? He stopped. So listen up BP! Stop spilling oil all over the gulf of mexico, it's NOT the neighborly thing to do..... MAN UP AND FIX THIS.

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