Monday, February 01, 2010

Finally here

I wasn't sure how I was gonna fare being in a plane for 12 hours. As a New Yorker I must GO GO GO. We left an hour late and while up in the air someone passed out after ten hours 2 rows behind us. So we killed an hour watching everyone try to revive him. As we got off the plane I remembered something from when I traveled as a child. Outside of the USA women are second class citizens, WTF? Not knowing what to do as far a visas I kept asking questions and NOONE would help "just get in line and wait". The Visa line looked like the DMV in Los Angeles, I figured we were there for the night. Luckily we got through everything in a hour and we in out hotel by 930 and at the buffet by 10. It is now 6 AM Kuwait time and I slept for about 5 1/2 hours. Not sure if I can get back to sleep so hence, the blog. Our military liason is a wonderful man named Col. Schock. We sat with him at dinnertime and he answered all our questions stupid or not. I am still in wonder that you board a metal object in one place and end up across the world 12 hours later. 52 years old and I'm still a kid when I travel. Later today is our first show. It can't get here fast enough

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